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How to upgrade when Auto fails

Discussion and information regarding the current Community Build

How to upgrade when Auto fails

Postby yinzanat » 28 Dec 2012, 14:21

There seems to be a problem with auto update and the switch from Github to Google Code. If you're stuck on a previous version, follow these instructions and you should be able to get the latest.

How to tell if you're stuck
Force an update. Go to the extensions page, turn on developer mode and hit the "Update extensions now" button.
Looking in the expansion folder, if you see several folders with your current rev numbered in series, you're stuck. Here's what the folders MIGHT look like (your rev number might be different):
Code: Select all

If you're stuck go to this link and download the file: https://github.com/magowiz/Castle-Age-A ... Chrome.crx

Find that file (after it downloads you can click on the context menu button (triangle) next to the filename and pick "Show in folder" to go right to it).

Now drag and drop the file into the extension window. You'll be prompted to install the extension, say yes (or you just wasted your time).

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Re: How to upgrade when Auto fails

Postby iLLusion » 28 Dec 2012, 17:01

Yeah, that's how I was doing it.. Since Google no longer lets you install extensions from the wen automatically that aren't from the Google store. still 122. I was grabbing it from Google code though, not github. Grabbing it from github did the trick
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