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Suggestions for campaigns

Discussion and information regarding the current Community Build

Suggestions for campaigns

Postby yinzanat » 10 Sep 2016, 15:16

I'm going to try to implement campaigns, figured I'd open up this thread to see if anyone has any suggestions on how to implement things based on their experiences.

FIrst off need a name for the things that need to be done for campaigns, tasks sounds good, quests would be ok, but that already means something in game.

I figure I'll add a override on monster damage limits for monster tasks that are part of your current campaign, I'll have caap look for the achievement icon in the damage totals box. I'm worried that this change might cause open ended damage if it doesn't work right, so we're going to have to keep an eye on this one. I've never used the monster finder so I don't know if it works in the present state but if it does, I can probably add something there to search for monsters that you need to complete tasks (will probably have to put some limits on how much life the monster has when you are about to join to see if its even possible to make the damage % target.

Demi points will be pretty simple, I"ll just add a checkbox in the demi section to ignore the selection when there are unfinished demi campaign tasks.

The iron and wood tasks and blue crystals take care of themselves (except when you've had a bad 2 weeks and need to buy some from the emporium, but that should be manual).

Should be able to add a checkbox to essence trading to trade enough to complete those tasks, maybe some logic to prevent it from starting if there isn't enough essence to complete.

Duel/invade kills are something that caap doesn't try to do right now, so It'll have to override the chain limits and maybe level/rank limits to search for low life targets and avoid those guys with thousands of HP.

potions and general leveling is probably best handled manually.

Any thoughts? Things I missed? I'm not promising that I can do all this, just that I'm going to try.

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Re: Suggestions for campaigns

Postby St.Jason » 15 Sep 2016, 19:46

Essence trader bot hasen't worked for a while.

Simply setting up Monster Hunter to go after a percentage (shouldn't be that hard) would solve that problem.
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Re: Suggestions for campaigns

Postby xaman » 16 Sep 2016, 16:15

Completing campaings is a hard task my friend. I have given it a thougth:
- You need to check timer, start a campaing and be able to read task. Easy
- Monster tasks, you would need to identify the monster, know the 5% of life, and both in monster worker and feed worker take that into account to add an automatic finder and attack string of that monster. Not very complicated but requires editing a number of workers.
- Duels, invades, Requires overriding the setting in battle worker as well as the cool down.
- Poly, heal, Gb... things. Require overrinding orders in GB, and possible loadouts to enter the Guild battle and giving an extra points on the attack calculator to force a certain attack if the camapaing goal has not been met.
- Essence should not be a big deal. If camapaing goal not met, go trade...
- level up generals, cristals.. harder to achieve.

That is my ideas.
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