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Bugs - September 2016

Discussion and information regarding the current Community Build

Bugs - September 2016

Postby yinzanat » 10 Sep 2016, 17:08

I'm looking for bugs with the current code, not new feature suggestions. I'll try to maintain this post as a master list of bugs, with notes on status, solutions, hints to what is going on, etc. Before you post, please check to see if anyone else already posted the bug you're seeing.

Orc Horde doesn't fight (the orc horde banner name doesn't match the pattern for all the other monsters, I have a fix for this locally.
Abomination doesn't fight Main 2 right, when main 1 is dead, caap just keeps on trying to hit it instead of switching to main 2
CAAp doesn't see the results of standard PvP so it will continue to attack the same player until another task starts or the stamina limit is reached, even if the attack is a defeat. This is because ca has a different layout of div tags from when PvP was written, just need to change some indexes and it should work again.
Zin being used forever - this is because caap uses PvP to trigger Zin and doesn't see the results, so just keeps hitting.

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Re: Bugs - September 2016

Postby Cavalier007 » 10 Sep 2016, 22:04

Here's what my CAAP presents when running.

(2)141.0.0d291 |4:50:10 PM| No google sheet configured to set config variables. Configurable in the CAAP options page. utility.js:2012
(2)141.0.0d291 |4:47:24 PM| ERROR in general.init: TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of null
at chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/worker_general.js:116:21
at Array.filter (native)
at Object.general.init (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/worker_general.js:115:38)
at chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/caap_base.js:1761:10
at Array.forEach (native)
at caap.initial (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/caap_base.js:1758:17)
(2)141.0.0d291 |4:47:24 PM| Building Generals Lists utility.js:2012
(2)141.0.0d291 |4:50:10 PM| Built lists [Array[0], Object, Array[7]] 12 utility.js:2012
(2)141.0.0d291 |4:50:10 PM| ERROR in makeDropDown: TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of null
LogHelper.log_common @ utility.js:2012
LogHelper.error @ utility.js:2042
caap.makeDropDown @ caap_display.js:75
caap.makeDropDownTR @ caap_display.js:244
(anonymous function) @ worker_general.js:1068
general.menu @ worker_general.js:1066
caap.addControl @ caap_base.js:2159
caap.initial @ caap_base.js:1766
(2)141.0.0d291 |4:50:10 PM| spreadsheet.load called utility.js:2012

GET https://castleagegame1-a.akamaihd.net/3 ... er_mid.jpg 404 (Not Found)
v.expr.v.expr.filters.v.expr.filters.hidden @ jquery.js:2
v.expr.v.expr.filters.v.expr.filters.visible @ jquery.js:2
(anonymous function) @ jquery.js:2o @ jquery.js:2
vt @ jquery.js:2vt @ jquery.js:2
nt @ jquery.js:2
find @ jquery.js:2
init @ jquery.js:2
v @ jquery.js:2
general.checkResults @ worker_general.js:328
worker.checkResults @ worker.js:262
caap.checkResultsTop @ caap_base.js:3932
caap.initial @ caap_base.js:1795

(2)141.0.0d291 |4:50:18 PM| ERROR in conquest.hunterCombos: TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasIndexOf' of null
at monster.isConq (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/worker_monster.js:863:17)
at Array.filter (native)
at Object.conquest.hunterCombos (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/worker_conquest.js:308:20)
at Object.conquest.collect (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/worker_conquest.js:192:35)
at Object.caap.collectConquest (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/caap_base.js:5052:17)
at chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/caap_mainloop.js:398:71
at Array.some (native)
at Object.caap.mainLoop (chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/caap_mainloop.js:396:38)
at chrome-extension://jmimcbpnlgigobbdaomplcfbmpbkalog/js/caap_mainloop.js:425:22
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Re: Bugs - September 2016

Postby yinzanat » 11 Sep 2016, 20:16

Well the first thing I see is I'm running 289 and you've got the latest 291. Guess I better go upgrade.

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Re: Bugs - September 2016

Postby St.Jason » 15 Sep 2016, 19:48


Essence function isn't activating at all (as far as I can tell). Not looking up other guilds, not recording amounts (unless you do it manually), definatly not trading.
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Re: Bugs - September 2016

Postby LordBandit » 20 Sep 2016, 14:48

My essence trading and scanning is working. Set your min energy for trade 100 and the bonus % to zero (0) and see if it trades and scans for you. (Check all the check boxes also.)
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